grey marble

December 22, 2004

Saks snowflakes

Last night I wandered Fifth Avenue. I took the V to Rockefeller Center at dusk. I emerged from the subway at 48th Street and walked east. I saw the Rockefeller tree from the side. It was just getting dark. Looking towards Fifth Avenue I saw the snowflakes on the side of Saks.

I stopped by Minamoto Kitchoan for some wagashi before checking out the windows at Saks. The windows illustrate scenes from James Patterson's SantaKid. I breezed through them; I wanted to see the lights display.

Every fifteen minutes, the snowflakes at Saks animate to a techno remix of "Here come the bells". I had caught the very end of the display when I emerged from Minamoto earlier. As I was about to walk to Bergdorf Goodman's they began again and I raced back to watch. Yukwah had made me promise to see them, and I stood transfixed. A boy in front of me stopped his parents and told them about the display and its repetition every quarter hour. The traffic seemed to stop as the music blasted and the snowflakes gave their very best impression of fireworks. When it was over, the snowflakes went from blue to black to a bright white. And the traffic resumed. Posted by eku at December 22, 2004 10:54 AM

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