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November 20, 2005

Five years ago today

I im'd Nayzin today. We haven't talked to her in months. We met in Mandalay; I stayed at her uncle's hotel. After I came back, she sent me an invitation to her wedding, but I received it the day before it was to happen. We lost track of each other for a few years until she emailed me again out of the blue. She had moved to London with her husband and was in the process of figuring out how to live there.

As we talked, we shared photos. I sent her a link to the photos on my site and she commented as she looked through them. She told me that according to the dates on my photos, I arrived in Mandalay on this date five years ago. We realized it was the day we first met. I said that must be the reason I felt compelled to talk to her today. She laughed.
Posted by eku at November 20, 2005 11:14 PM

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