grey marble

November 29, 2005

Five years six days

For Thanksgiving, some 30 people congregated at my parents' house in Connecticut. We had turkey, lamb, lobster, lettuce tacos, and more. Far, far more. I stuffed myself. And then I ate pumpkin pie and cookies and brownies.

Thanksgiving night, people slept everywhere. All the bedrooms were full, the studies were full, the living room and family room were full. The next day people began to leave for Boston, some to return home, some to continue their visits. On Saturday, we left to join everyone. It was the fifth anniversary of my grandmother's death and we congregated by the gravesite. We made offerings, paid our respects, and then just chatted and took pictures. Irene introduced Isabelle, almost the newest addition to the family. She was narrowly beat out by Nina, born six days later. Posted by eku at November 29, 2005 10:54 AM

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