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August 25, 2008

Long beach clam hunt

Sunday, Diana invited me to her friend's house on Long Beach. She said we'd take the train out from Brooklyn. She said we'd rent boats and find a private beach on which to lay. She said we'd dig for clams and bring them back to her friend's house for dinner. She asked me to come. I said I'd love to.

We met underground, buying our tickets from a kiosk before boarding the Long Island rail road. We sat in a new car that reminded me of an EPCOT ride. At Jamaica we transferred to a crowded train and found ourselves standing in the vestibule. The train lumbered its way east.

At Long Beach, we walked from the station to the house. After changing into swimwear, we drove to the marina, where Athony picked us up in a small motorboat. He drove us across the channel and around a slip of land to a spit of land where a table and umbrellas had been set up. We were welcomed with margaritas. A few hundred feet offshore, a couple of people were waist deep in water, already searching for clams.

Once we had all been ferried to the island, Roger showed us how find clams. He taught us how to use rakes, but told us we could also find them with our feet. he told us we could dig our toes just below the surface. He said they'd feel like rocks. It took me a while but I was finally able to contribute to the take.

Soon it was time to go back. The boat rentals were due back at the marina at four and we had already gone over. I was among the first group ferried back, and I hung out at the marina with a few friends. We ate chips and watched the sun turn the afternoon golden.

Back at the house we spent some more time at the beach. The sand was incredibly soft, and the surf was up. In the distance two kite surfers surfed back and forth along the beach.

We didn't stay long at the beach. We were hungry, and the wind had picked up. We walked the two blocks back to the house and snacked and drank while the clams steamed and the linguine boiled.

We ate in the back yard. We put two long tables head to head and set chairs along them. The food came out in huge metal bowls: linguine with clams, a fresh salad with tomatos from their garden, garlic bread. We grabbed utensils and filled our plates and sat where we could find a seat. We ate and drank waved at the motion sensor to keep the lights on. And then it was time to go. We raced to catch the train back to the city, our bellies full, our bodies tired. As I settled into my seat, I caught myself drifing to sleep, lulled by the voice caling out station stops.
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