I started taking pictures six years ago. I had just decided to leave one job for another and in the week between I went to Paris. When I asked my friends what they wanted me to bring back, Simone said pictures. I had no camera and so she gave me a cheap point and shoot of hers. I bought ten rolls of black and white film and came back with the first pictures I had taken in years.

On my 32nd birthday, Lin convinced me to start a blog. I had just found conscientious, which convinced me that blogs didn't all have to be about navelgazing. Then I discovered personal photoblogs, and I was hooked. This is the second version of carte blanche pedicure, and I'll slowly migrate photos from version one to here as it seems fit.

If you like what you see or just want to chat, please email me at eugkuo [at] 226-design.com or use the contact form. I shoot with the following: Contax G2, Contax T3, Leica iiiF, Holga, and most recently, a Leica M6.

Many thanks to photomo for walking me through the finer and not so fine points of moveable type.

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