grey marble

May 28, 2009

Early morning alarm call

This morning I woke to an ooOOOoo ooOOOoo. The sound came at regular intervals, unwavering. Half-asleep I checked my phone for the unusual alarm. The time read six thirty. I stumbled to my computer. The sound seemed to emanate from within. I leaned close to it, but the sound came from just beyond it. I pulled aside the curtain to find a bird seated on the windowsill.

The bird stopped its call. It turned its head to stare at me; I stared back. Gently, I put the curtain back. The bird was unpreturbed. I climbed back into bed. The ooOOOoo continued, seeming to drift further and further away as I fell back asleep.

Posted by eku at May 28, 2009 9:38 PM

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