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May 19, 2010

New work: Onset

It seems to be book-a-rama on the blog these days. A few weeks ago, a friend asked me if I would help him design a book cover for his wife. She's been working on a work of historical fiction, which she just finished and is attempting to decide how best to approach publishing it. In the meantime, she's printing a few copies for herself and friends to read.

The book has one foot in the supernatural. The image of the men above was supplied by my friend. It's tied to the plot of the novel; one of the men inhabits a central role.

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Another new cover for Palgrave! From the jacket request form:

This moving and beautifully illustrated book, developed from an award-winning research project, examines the experience of African-American GIs in Germany since 1945 and the unique insights they provide into the civil rights struggle at home and abroad.

The direction was to create something bold and uplifting, without the use of red.

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A new cover for Palgrave. From the jacket request form:

What Environmentalists Need to Know about Economics provides a conceptual set of tools for how to approach environmental issues in a rigorous and thoughtful manner, based on an analysis of incentives, property rights, market failure, supply and demand constraints, and insights from behavioral economics. Easy-to-read and filled with real-world examples of the most complex environmental challenges, this book demonstrates that sound economic analysis and reasoning can be one of the environmental community's strongest allies.

"Environmentalists" is a difficult word to set on a cover that has to have big, bold type. Though I suppose this title wasn't as difficult to set as a certain Fiona Apple album.

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