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Next week marks the end of Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty at the Met. If you haven't gone, go. It's a beautiful exhibit, superbly installed. The rooms complement the theatricality the clothes deserve. One patron felt that the entire museum had come together for the show, putting the exhibition in various historical rooms already in the museum's collection.

The exhibition catalog, photographed by Solve Sundsbo, is a worthy companion to the show. Using models painted to look like mannequins (and furthering the effect in post-production), the photographs both manage to capture the drape and look of the clothes on actual people without taking the focus away from the clothes themselves. Sundsbo hasn't completely erased every aspect of the models' appearance, however. Where the white paint has rubbed off, he allows the skin to peek through, offering the appearance of weathered mannequins until you realize what he has actually done. In all, it perfectly compliments McQueen's vision and work.

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