November 27, 2009

Shinya Yamamura’s urushi decorations in Chelsea

Last week while walking to the Bill Viola exhibit, I stumbled upon the Ippudo gallery and its exhibit of Shinya Yamamura's lacquerware tea utensils. The pieces are exquisitely crafted miniatures and are elegantly presented. I felt as if I could have been transported to Tokyo for the exhibit, save for the New York street scenes just outside the window.

Yamamura is currently a professor at the College of art in Kanazawa. Two years ago, while visiting Japan, I passed through Kanazawa and was surprised to discover its 21st Century Musem of Contemporary Art. I had gone to Kanazawa to see the Kenrokuen Gardens (via a roundabout route from Kyoto to Tokyo) and was unaware that the museum existed. I had only an afternoon to spare, but decided to quickly make my way through its galleries. I was glad I did, and wished I had had more time to spend in the city. (I also had the best sushi dinner of any on that trip in that fair city.)

While researching the last post I noticed Kapoor's Origin du Monde on his site. It looked familiar and I could have sworn I had seen it in person. It turns out I have. It is installed at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, in Kanazawa.

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