January 29, 2010

New acquisition: Naoki Honjo’s Small Planet

Detail,Nakayama Horse race track, Chibe, Japan, 2005

Skyline Books is going out of business. I passed by the store last weekend en route to Adorama and saw the sign outside the door. They've always had a good selection of photography books and I paused to take a look. The shelves had already been picked over, but I picked up Naoki Honjo's Small Planet at a discount.

For a while, the internets seemed over-saturated with tilt-shift photography (on the photoblogging front, it seemed to be the new cross-processing), but I liked the color and composition of Honjo's prints. He has a great eye for isolating the details that the technique brings out and shooting accordingly. The book is published by Little More, a Japanese publisher of mainly art books.

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