March 9, 2010

Mariella Furrer’s photographs of young victims of sexual abuse

A girl whose 9-year-old relative admitted to playing sexual "games" with her tried to run out from her medical examination. March 2003.

The NYTimes Lens blog is featuring work by Mariella Furrer. A victim of sexual abuse herself, her photographs document young victims of abuse in South Africa.

An estimated 50 child rapes are reported daily in South Africa, Ms. Furrer said, but children's rights advocates activists believe the actual rate could be much higher. On an average day, she said, two to eight children visit a local police station to report abuse.

She is at work on a book of the material, and is developing a global fundraising campaign to raise awareness of child sexual abuse. There is no additional information about her efforts, but more of her work can be found on her site.

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Those victims were really pitiful. Those who were indulging in sexual abuse must have given punishments. They don't have souls, to do this kind of mess. This is not right. Why are they doing these inhuman actions?

Attorney | April 12, 2011 1:11 AM | Reply

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